I will create a json file with PHP with json_encode. I intend to include a function that I will call inside array before I change it to json. Whether calling functions inside an array can be done?

$arrayList = array( 
                'uid' => "1234",
                'nilai' => getBoolean (1)));                
function getBoolean ($value) {
    if ($value == 0 ) {
        echo "false";
    } else {
        echo "true";
echo json_encode ($arrayList);

Output json


What if I want json output like below


So the value of the function (getBoolean) goes into json not outside. Thanks


PHP uses an applicative order evaluation strategy so getBoolean(1) will be evaluated before the array is assigned to $arrayList.

However, you have a bug in your getBoolean function. You need to return a boolean type value, not the string version of the boolean.

Code: (https://3v4l.org/AOdn3B)

$arrayList = [ [ 'uid' => '1234', 'nilai' => getBoolean (1) ] ];

function getBoolean ($value) {
    return (bool) $value;

echo json_encode ($arrayList);



p.s. I wouldn't personally bother to write a custom function for this. Just prepend (bool) directly to your array value.

$arrayList = [ [ 'uid' => 1234, 'nilai' => (bool) 1 ] ];

Then again if you have negative numbers or some other fringe case, use:

if ($value == 0) {
    return false; // boolean, not string
} else {
    return true; // boolean, not string
  • thanks it worked, I'm just trying to give a string value, so it's not real boolean hehe.. – Irvan Dwi Pangga Jan 17 at 4:10

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