VSCode allows developers to define custom tasks in .vscode/tasks.json. How to inherit VSCode's tasks.json?

tsconfig or tslint could be inherited using extends "keyword". However I have not found such option in tasks.json schema.

My use case: I have a common library that is shared across projects. The library also define various common gulp tasks. Each project inherits gulpfile, tsconfig, tslint from the common library. The only problem is with .vscode/tasks.json especially with custom problem matchers.

If the task inheritance is not yet possible, how to reuse custom problem matchers?

  • You can reuse problem matchers by defining them in an extension: stackoverflow.com/questions/41705390/… – Gama11 Jan 17 at 10:56
  • @Gama11 I was considering that however devs wont be able to work on multiple projects based on different version of library. In case you open project, you will have to install particular version of that extension. – TN. Jan 17 at 12:21

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