I have been looking at some other answers on stack overflow and got as far as I could with that. I learnt that I need to create a text index where I define my Schema which I did like this:

productSchema.index({'title': 'text', 'address.city': 'text'});

If I search by just 1 field, ie: title then I get results as I expect.

Product.find( { $text: { $search: searchTerm } } )

But there is something wrong with my query when trying to search by title and city together.

 Product.find( { $text: { $search: searchTerm }, $text: { $search: city } } )

I see no error but I get no results even though I know there should be results for my query. I am not sure if it is because address is an object (according to what I see in Compass)

This is how I defined it in my schema using Mongoose

address: {
    city: {type: String, required: true }

If I do this:

Product.find().and([{ title: searchTerm }, { 'address.city': city }])

it almost works. But I have to type in the exact title of the product. If the product is called "a rubber duck" and I type in "duck" I get no results. If I type in "a rubber duck" and select the city it is listed in I get back a result.

I have just also tried this:

Product.find( { $and: [ {$text: { $search: searchTerm }}, { address: {city : city } }  ] } )

Which seems to work but could probably be improved upon!


Have you looked into the link below?
There you can find how to add multiple expressions in same query. If you want to search for titles where title might be equal to A or to B use a query like this: db.inventory.find( { $or: [ { title: "A" }, { title: "B"} ] } ).
If you need data from db to match both expressions in query then use something like this:
Product.find( { $and: [{ address:{city: "CityName"} }, { address: {country : "UK" } } ] } )

  • thanks for the link. I normally check the Mongoose documentation but I find the mongo db documentation is much better. Difficult to find things in the Mongoose documentation, well I find it difficult anyway. And I am trying to be consistent and use the mongoose syntax as it differs from mongo – user8463989 Jan 17 at 13:00
  • Well I gave you an example of how you can use for your related problem – Gabriel Costin Jan 17 at 13:01
  • shouldn't it be AND instead of OR as both conditions need to be met – user8463989 Jan 17 at 13:01
  • If both conditions should met, then yes it is AND , I will edit my post – Gabriel Costin Jan 17 at 13:03
  • thanks for that. I am testing it now but getting an error which I will try debug as well. unknown top level operator: $search – user8463989 Jan 17 at 13:06

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