I want to bring up a question/Feature request which I come across in several different Projects in the past.

A Crash/Non-Fatal log will be grouped by it's type/name. If you open that "group" on your website you can get all of the additional information of a specific session by pressing the "View all session" button (in some cases the group holds a few mill entries..)

However, we also have additional 3party libraries integrated and they also want to have a look into this reports as well, however we don't want to give them access to our Fabric account. Furthermore we log a lot of additional data and want to further process them in other tools like Excel etc.

I did not find the possibility so far, however it would be nice to export all sessions for a group -> XML, CSV etc. Nowadays you have to click through millions of sessions one by one....

Is anyone aware of such a feature like this?

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