I am new in react and I just want to know how I can redirect the user from 404 Error page to the home page here's my project repo on GitHub The project Github repository

Here's my routes code

 import React, {Component} from 'react';
import { BrowserRouter, Route, Switch, Link, Redirect } from 'react-router-dom';
import Home from './components/home';
import About from './components/about';
import Contact from './components/contact';
import Navbar from './components/navbar';
import NotFound from './components/404';

class Routes extends Component {
          <Navbar />
            <Route path='/' component={Home} exact />
            <Route path='/home' component={Home} />
            <Route path='/about' component={About}  />
            <Route path='/contact' component={Contact} />
            <Route component = {NotFound}/>

export default Routes;
  • 1
    Your GitHub link is a 404 not found.
    – enkrates
    Commented Jan 17, 2019 at 15:35
  • @enkrates Sorry due, It was a private repo my mistake, now it's public give it a shot Commented Jan 17, 2019 at 16:01
  • So if the url is not mapped to any route, do you want to redirect to the home page?
    – Aamin Khan
    Commented Jan 17, 2019 at 17:44

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If you want to immediately redirect from a 404 to the home page (without ever seeing that NotFound component), you can replace the last Route (<Route component = {NotFound}/>) with this code:

<Redirect to="/" />

That should catch any paths that don't match the other routes, just as the NotFound route was before, but instead of rendering a component, it'll send the user over to the home page.

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