I'm writing a C++ program to encode frames from a DirectX game to the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format. I am using libx264 alone with no other dependencies at the moment.

I have a ID3D11Texture2D* resolved back buffer of the next game frame. I need to somehow copy this into the x264_picture input (apparently YUV420P format according to limited help I've found) but I cannot find any way to do so online.

Here is my code at the moment:

void Fx264VideoEncoder::Fx264VideoEncoderImpl::InitFrameInputBuffer(const FTexture2DRHIRef& BackBuffer, FFrame& Frame)
    x264_picture_alloc(Frame.InputPicture, X264_CSP_I420, x264Parameters.i_width, x264Parameters.i_height);

    // We need to take the back buffer and convert it to an input format that libx264 can understand
        ID3D11Texture2D* ResolvedBackBufferDX11 = (ID3D11Texture2D*)(GetD3D11TextureFromRHITexture(Frame.ResolvedBackBuffer)->GetResource());
        EPixelFormat PixelFormat = Frame.ResolvedBackBuffer->GetFormat();

        // ...?

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