I would like to get number in between these strings.

strings = ["point_right: account ISLAMIC: 860328 9221 asdsad",
       "account 723123123",
       "account 823.123.213",
       "account 823-123-213",
       "account:123213123 ",
       "account: 123213123 asdasdsad 017-299906",
       "account: 123213123",
       "point_right: account ISLAMIC: 860328 9221"

Result would be

[860328 9221,723123123, 823123213, 823.123.213, 823-123-213, 123213123, 123213123, 123213123]

And i can do processing later to make them into number. So far my strategy is to get everything after pattern and anything before a letter. I have tried:

for string in strings:
    print(re.findall("(?<=account)(.*)", string.lower()))

Please help to give some pointers on the regex match.

  • r'(?<=\D)\d[^A-Za-z]+\b' seems to work. – coldspeed Jan 18 at 1:58
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Try this pattern:

(?=[^0-9]*)[0-9][0-9 .-]*[0-9]


  • (?=[^0-9]*) Lookahead for a word, such as "account", non-matching
  • [0-9] Find a digit
  • [0-9 .-]* Find any number of digits or special characters (in your strings you have spaces, dashes, periods so I included those)
  • [0-9] Find another digit (to prevent spaces at the end)

Check it out here, and sample code here


The negative lookahead and lookbehind seems like overkills here but I wasn't able to get a clean match otherwise. You may see the results here

(?!\W) Negative lookahead to exclude any non-word characters [^a-zA-Z0-9_]

([\d\s.-]+) The capturing group for your numbers

(?<!\s) Negative lookbehind to exclude whitespace characters [\r\n\t\f\v ]


If the numbers must be the first numbers after the account substring use

re.findall("account\D*([\d\s.-]*\d)", s)

See the Python demo and the regex demo.

Pattern details

  • account - a literal substring
  • \D* - 0+ chars other than digits
  • ([\d\s.-]*\d) - Capturing group 1 (the value returned by re.findall): 0 or more digits, whitespaces, . and - chars followed with a digit.

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