I have made an accordion using vanilla JS. It's 99% there, but when you first click on the accordion it does not activate it.

The data-attribute is not set to true until the second click.

The JS code is below and there is a working example in the link.

  // Get the DOM element.
const accordions = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('.js- 

const handleClick = accordion => () => {
// Here we set the data attribute of the selected accordion.
const selectedState = accordion.dataset.selected;
 * If the selected accordion's data attribute equals true –
 * then we set it to false.
accordion.dataset.selected = (accordion.dataset.selected === 'true') ? 'false' : 'true'; // eslint-disable-line no-param-reassign

// Set variables
const container = accordion.querySelector('.js-accordion__container');
const body = accordion.querySelector('.js-accordion__body');
const unit = 'px';

 * When the state of the accordion is set to true
 * we return the height of the content and
 * and set the collapsible state to true.
if (selectedState === 'true') {
  container.style.height = `${body.offsetHeight + unit}`;
  accordion.setAttribute('aria-expanded', true);
} else {
  container.style.height = null;
  accordion.setAttribute('aria-expanded', false);

 // Bind the event listener.
 accordions.map(accordion => accordion.querySelector('.js- 

CodePen Example:

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    Without any code or a minimal example demonstrating the problem we'll have a hard time helping. – Mathyn Jan 18 at 10:51
  • Yea sorry I posted before I had finished editing. – Antony Moss Jan 18 at 10:57
  • “The data-attribute is not set to true until the second click.” - because your accordion.dataset.selected is undefined at first, as simply logging it to console would have shown you … – misorude Jan 18 at 11:02
  • @misorude yes I realised this, but how do I solves this issue? I tried setting the initial state to true, but this breaks the accordion. – Antony Moss Jan 18 at 11:06

The problem is caused because your selectedState variable is placed before you update your accordion’s selected attribute.

You can try placing the code where you update the selected attribute for the accordion above selectedState

  • No problem mate! – Emad Salah Jan 18 at 11:15

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