I need help on choosing a 'shard key' for 'sharding' my MongoDB database.

I have a collection with 1 index, which has 4 fields:

  • "PointIdNumber", identifies one point on the database (String)
  • "DateId", id of a day (p.e. 1234 could represent today's date) (Int)
  • "IntervalId", represents the 96 periods of 15 minutes a day has (Int)
  • "SeasonId", alternates as well as it is summer time or not (+1h/-1h) (Int)

There are more collections, but most of them have those exact fields on their indexes.

Queries are normally made to get values from the current year we're in and the year before, from those points.

What would be better to use as a shard key in this situation?

Thanks in advance!

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