CloudFormation provides AllowedValues for Parameters which tells that the possible value of the parameter can be from this list. How can I achieve this with Terraform variables? The variable type of list does not provide this functionality. So, in case I want my variable to have value out of only two possible values, how can I achieve this with Terraform. CloudFormation script that I want to replicate is:

"ParameterName": {
        "Description": "desc",
        "Type": "String",
        "Default": true,
        "AllowedValues": [

I don't know of an official way, but there's an interesting technique described in a Terraform issue:

variable "values_list" {
  description = "acceptable values"
  type = "list"
  default = ["true", "false"]

variable "somevar" {
description = "must be true or false"

resource "null_resource" "is_variable_value_valid" {
  count = "${contains(var.values_list, var.somevar) == true ? 0 : 1}"
  "ERROR: The somevar value can only be: true or false" = true


Terraform now offers custom validation rules in Terraform 0.13:

variable "somevar" {
  type = string
  description = "must be true or false"

  validation {
    condition     = can(regex("^(true|false)$", var.somevar))
    error_message = "Must be true or false."
  • So if the variable is not in the list, Terraform will raise an error and stop further process? If the variable is in the list, the value of count would be zero? And the error will be thrown when count is 1? – seou1 Jan 19 '19 at 14:09

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