I'm using this ffmpeg command, which produces large amount of avi chunks from my video stream:

ffmpeg -i fifo \
  -c:v copy \
  -c:a copy -ac 2 \ 
  -f segment -segment_time 5 -reset_timestamps 1 "$dir/%d.avi"

They take up a lot of space on the SSD. When i try to delete them, while program is running, ffmpeg is throwing an error, because it need numbers in the file names to stay untouched, so it can increment them properly ("%d").

Is there a way to automatically delete these chunks after N seconds of the stream? Or maybe i can change naming pattern somehow?

  • Use segment_wrap N to limit it to N files. Remember to sort by datetime to know the most recent updated segment. – Gyan Jan 18 at 17:30

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