I'm having trouble doing wiring a ComboBox.selectionModelProperty to my ViewModel.

The problem resides that the property is of type SingleSelectionModel, which is an interface and not really easy to instantiate. My idea was to instantiate a ObjectProperty<SingleSelectionModel> in the ViewModel and then bind it to ComboBox.selectionModelProperty.

class ViewModel {
  val selectedService = new SimpleObjectProperty[SingleSelectionModel[ServiceId]]()

  // I want to set an initial value but now I have a problem.. 
  // there's no easy way of instantiating a SingleSelectionModel 
  // without resorting to roll out my own implementation of a 
  // SingleSelectionModel.
  1. I assume this must be a common issue to whoever is doing MVVM (or something similar, for that matter), or am I doing something wrong?
  2. My take is that it makes sense for the ViewModel to always create its properties / bindings and then have the View's code-behind to apply the bindings -- it should be "in control" of the life-cycle of its properties/bindings and that includes their creation. Am I correct?
  3. Another option would be to have in my ViewModel just a property with the value my selection would take (let's say, a Color) and then it would be up to the View to do the conversion to a SingleSelectionModel, but it seems to me that the APIs are not really geared towards that. Are they?


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    don't understand the problem .. (and SingleSelectionModel is-not an interface but an abstract class, doesn't really matter, though) Please provide some outline in code to demonstrate what's wrong – kleopatra Jan 18 at 16:00
  • Hi @kleopatra, I provided an example. – devoured elysium Jan 18 at 16:15
  • hmm .. which aspect of the selectionModel are you really interested in? – kleopatra Jan 18 at 17:01
  • @kleopatra: I want to be able to be able to set the combobox's selection from my viewmodel. – devoured elysium Jan 18 at 17:02
  • which of it, item or index or both or something else? Whatever, you can write a simple "selectionModel" in your viewModel layer plus an adapter that bridges the gap between your model and the combo's .. – kleopatra Jan 18 at 17:04

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