I'm trying to create a player in Java using JavaCV. But .grab() method takes different amounts of time for each grab. How can I discard a grab() operation when it takes too much time?

In detail: I'm working on a project to display rtsp streams. To do this, I use JavaCV and its FFmpegFrameGrabber class. Inside a loop I call its .grab() method to grab frames and then I print them on a panel. (Not knowing the reason) grab() method takes much more time in some calls. For example:

  1. grab: 15ms,
  2. grab: 13ms,
  3. grab: 14ms,
  4. grab: 95ms,
  5. grab: 12ms, ...

I wish not to wait for a grab, in case it is taking too long like in this fourth call.

(Sorry for not providing a working code, it's all over different huge classes)

I use the following grabber options (selected by some other colleague):

grabber.setOption("reconnect", "1");
grabber.setOption("reconnect_at_eof", "1");
grabber.setOption("reconnect_streamed", "1");
grabber.setOption("reconnect_delay_max", "2");
grabber.setOption("preset", "veryfast");
grabber.setOption("probesize", "192");
grabber.setOption("tune", "zerolatency");
grabber.setOption("buffer_size", "" + this.bufferSize);
grabber.setOption("max_delay", "500000");
grabber.setOption("stimeout", String.valueOf(6000000));
grabber.setOption("loglevel", "quiet");

Also I tried to do the grab() in another thread and not wait for that to end in case it takes too long. But this time I get an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION when I call .grab() method before the previous one did not end yet. "Calling .release(); and .restart(); methods before trying to grab again" also did not solve the access violation.

Is there a setting option to cancel unordinarily long grabs? (Or wouldn't it work without these frames (because of a reason that I don't know))


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