i need to know how can i get a camera cursor position and add entity on that position i check many solution as like how can i add entity on cursor position using aFrame here is my code example `

  <a-text font="kelsonsans" value="Puy de Sancy, France" width="6" position="2 11 0"
          rotation="0 15 0"></a-text>

          <a-camera camera-logger id="camera"> <a-cursor fuse="true" color="yellow"></a-cursor> </a-camera>

here is my JS code

  function getPos(){
     var cameraEl = document.querySelector('#camera');
     var WorldPosition = cameraEl.object3D.getWorldPosition();
     var pos = cameraEl.getAttribute('position');
     var rot = cameraEl.getAttribute('rotation');

but when i try to set entity position as per below out put it's not showing on that location because it's showing like position coordinates "x: -5.385803274229736, y: 69.90085100596048, z: 0"
but aframe position coordinates are difference Might be it's a ThreeJs Position please help me with the full solution


Here's how to get the intersection data from the cursor.

var cursor = document.querySelector('a-cursor'); 
if (!cursor.components.intersectedEl) { return; }
var intersection = cursor.components.raycaster.getIntersection(cursor.components.intersectedEl);
var intersectionPosition = intersection.point;

I think in master, cursor event detail contains a reference to getIntersection so you can call like evt.detail.getIntersection(evt.detail.intersectedEl).

  • intersectedEl not found in cursor plz explain in detail i am getting X,y,z position but might be it's a Threejs Float value not coordinates with Aframe – Adhirath Sonaiya Jan 19 at 12:29

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