The end goal for my project is that the user will be able to select a value from a ComboBox to fill out a report on a Summary Tab. The report will consist of 3, 3 cell ranges (divided into 3 1x3 ranges on 3 separate worksheets).

I want to find the row with the value the user selected in the ComboBox and then set the 9 cells to the right of that value equal to the values in the range mentioned previously.

I've tried a couple of different ways of doing this, but I'll include the code I most recently worked on below:

Private Sub OKButton1_Click()
Dim userValue, rangeOne, rangeTwo, rangeThree
Dim i As Long

i = 4

userValue = ComboBox1.Value
Set rangeOne = Sheets("Sheet2").Range(Range("F23:H23")
Set rangeTwo = Sheets("Sheet3").Range("F90:H90")
Set rangeThree = Sheets("Sheet4").Range("F17:H17")

While Sheets("Reports").Range(cells(i,1)).Value <> "" 
      If Sheets("Reports").Range(cells(i, "A")).Value = "userValue" Then

         Set Sheets("Reports").Range(Cells(i, "B:E")) = rangeOne
         Set Sheets("Reports").Range(Cells(i, "F:I")) = rangeOne
         Set Sheets("Reports").Range(Cells(i, "J:M")) = rangeOne
      End If
      i = i + 1
Unload UserForm2
End Sub 

Any Ideas on how I can improve this or get it working? Currently getting 1004 errors.

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    work with Range.Find method docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/vba/api/Excel.Range.Find – 0m3r Jan 18 at 23:07
  • I'll give that a shot, is there anything I should change with setting the range of the cells on the "Reports" sheet equal to the 3 sets of ranges that are on the other three sheets? I used the While loop so that I could get a row value for the range so that I could paste the values – Valkeif Jan 18 at 23:19

Two words of advice when working with excel:

  1. always make variables for each sheet/book you need to work with
  2. Avoid using ranges and objects if you can. It is much easier to iterate over individual cells using an array and a for loop like I did below.

I was a bit confused on exactly what you needed done, so you will need to modify this slightly to fit your ranges/where you want the data to go. If you are confused or need further assistance let me know and I'll update this.

Dim userValue
Dim xrow As Long, ws1 As Worksheet, ws2 As Worksheet, ws3 as Worksheet, ws4 as Worksheet
Dim arrData() as variant

set ws1 = Worksheets("Report")
set ws2 = Worksheets("Sheet2")
set ws3 = Worksheets("Sheet3")
set ws4 = Worksheets("Sheet4")

userValue = ComboBox1.Value
xrow = 1

'the InStr function checks if the first condition contains the second, and when it does, it returns 1, which in turn triggers the if statement
for x = 1 To ws2.Cells(rows.count, 1).end(xlup).row
    if InStr(1, Cells(x, 1), userValue) > 0 Then
        arrData(0) = ws2.Cells(x, 2).value
        arrData(1) = ws2.Cells(x, 3).value
        arrData(2) = ws2.Cells(x, 4).value
    end if
next x

for x = 1 To ws3.Cells(rows.count, 1).end(xlup).row
    if InStr(1, Cells(x, 1), userValue) > 0 Then
        arrData(3) = ws3.Cells(x, 2).value
        arrData(4) = ws3.Cells(x, 3).value
        arrData(5) = ws3.Cells(x, 4).value
    end if
next x

for x = 1 To ws4.Cells(rows.count, 1).end(xlup).row
    if InStr(1, Cells(x, 1), userValue) > 0 Then
        arrData(6) = ws4.Cells(x, 2).value
        arrData(7) = ws4.Cells(x, 3).value
        arrData(8) = ws4.Cells(x, 4).value
    end if
next x

ws1.Cells(xrow, 1) = userValue
for y = 0 To 8
    ws1.Cells(xrow, y+1).value = arrData(y)
next y
xrow = xrow + 1
  • Sorry, just now realizing how confusing my original wording is. Essentially there are four worksheets, on three worksheets are tables that have three columns summed in three individual cells. One a fourth worksheet I have a summary tab where I've got a ComboBox which has options made up of entries on the first column of the fourth sheet (dynamic, so options will be added in as the user adds them). I want the user to be able to select one of entries, and then have the three cells from each of the worksheets copy over to 9 of the cells to the right of that entry. – Valkeif Jan 19 at 4:24
  • I added an response to this question with an updated loop, while its functional now I don't seem to be getting the right values.EDIT: I got it to work! Thanks for your insight, it helped me figure out what I was getting wrong. Boy was I over thinking this. – Valkeif Jan 19 at 5:05
For x = 1 To ws1.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
    If InStr(1, Cells(x, 1), UserValue) > 0 Then
        ws1.Cells(x, 2) = ws2.Cells(23, 6).Value
        ws1.Cells(x, 3) = ws2.Cells(23, 7).Value
        ws1.Cells(x, 4) = ws2.Cells(23, 8).Value

        ws1.Cells(x, 6) = ws3.Cells(90, 6).Value
        ws1.Cells(x, 7) = ws3.Cells(90, 7).Value
        ws1.Cells(x, 8) = ws3.Cells(90, 8).Value

        ws1.Cells(x, 10) = ws4.Cells(18, 6).Value
        ws1.Cells(x, 11) = ws4.Cells(18, 7).Value
        ws1.Cells(x, 12) = ws4.Cells(18, 8).Value
    End If
Next x

The above is what I'm working with now in place of the while loop.

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