I have an array with like 100 posts that I would like to see Google Analytics stats of every single post. Now I have done a function that loops trough every post and prints the result for every - but it takes too long and I wonder if I can make this work with just ONE query in the dimensionFilterClauses and just add new filter from post array.

I have tried several but I don't get it to work and it only returns one of the post's statistics.

array('/post/hey-everyone', '/post/hello-world/', '/post/test-this/');

function getReports($page_path, $start_date){
    global $VIEW_ID, $end_date, $analytics;

    $query = [
        "viewId" => $VIEW_ID,
        "dateRanges" => [
            "startDate" => $start_date,
            "endDate" => $end_date
        "metrics" => [
            "expression" => "ga:pageviews"
        "dimensions" => [
            "name" => "ga:pagepath"
        "dimensionFilterClauses" => [
            'filters' => [
                "dimension_name" => "ga:pagepath",
                "operator" => "EXACT", // valid operators can be found here: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/reporting/core/v4/rest/v4/reports/batchGet#FilterLogicalOperator
                "expressions" => $page_path

    // build the request and response
    $body = new Google_Service_AnalyticsReporting_GetReportsRequest();
    // now batchGet the results https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/reporting/core/v4/rest/v4/reports/batchGet
    $report = $analytics->reports->batchGet($body);
    $rows = $report[0]->getData()->getRows();
    if ($rows){
        $metrics = $rows[0]->getMetrics()[0]->values[0];
        if ($metrics){
            return $metrics;
    return false;

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