I'm working with VSCode, Prettier and TSLint.

When I do have chained functions call with more than 2 calls like

let m = moment().startOf("day").subtract(30, "days");

Prettier breaks into

let m = moment()
    .subtract(30, "days")

I already set the TSLint rule

  "defaultSeverity": "warning",
  "extends": ["tslint:recommended"],
  "linterOptions": {
    "exclude": ["node_modules/**"]
  "rules": {
    // ...
    "newline-per-chained-call": false

and the fallowing settings

"prettier.tslintIntegration": true

But the chained functions still breking into new lines.

What can I do to avoid the line breaking but still using the TSLint?


This is an issue in prettier. The PR's to add this feature has not yet been merged from what i understand.

Currently to get what you want, what i can suggest is to ignore the next node in the abstract syntax tree from formatting using the // prettier-ignore comments.

// prettier-ignore  
let m = moment().startOf("day").subtract(30, "days");   

There are variations of these ignore statements, like one could ignore within a ranger or one could even ignore a particular file too. Do check out the official prettier documentations to know more of it's implementation.

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