I created a small Python program to dynamically generate a new sitemap for when new pages are created/moved (note: on my site, some pages can be created without updating code as parts of it are saved on a database) that uploads it to https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/claytondoesthingsxyz.appspot.com/o/sitemap.xml?alt=media&token=757957e5-5dac-4e50-9f7b-4f86fb31445e which is saved on Firebase Storage. At first, I thought I wouldn't need to worry about having the sitemap be on the website (e.g. https://claytondoesthings.xyz/sitemap.xml), however, that was not the case as Google requires the sitemap to be on the same domain as the main site. What I'm trying to find is a method of "mapping" the dynamic sitemap to https://claytondoesthings.com/(sitemap path) without the need of constantly deploying to Firebase Hosting.

I tried to use react-router but it seems that you can't link to a "file" with it, only a "modification" of index.html. I have thought about using PHP but I have never used it before and can't seem to get it actually render the PHP instead of downloading it.

If you'd like to look at the code to get an idea of how the site works, here's the GitHub to both the site and the "auto generator" (note: does not currently update storage after initial run): website: https://github.com/ClaytonDoesThings/ClaytonDoesThingsWeb/tree/testing "auto generator": https://github.com/ClaytonDoesThings/ClaytonDoesThingsWeb-Sitemap-Gen

What is expected is that https://claytondoesthings.xyz/(path) "links" to the external sitemap. However, as far as I could get with previous tests was just the normal index.html page. With that, how would I go about getting this to work?

Edit: Current live just has sitemap.xml in the public folder

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