i'm studying interview questions and came across this question thats really confusing me. I know how to do the basic O(n^2) solution but the HashTable O(n) is not making any sense.

static void printpairs(int arr[],int sum) 
    HashSet<Integer> s = new HashSet<Integer>(); 
    for (int i=0; i<arr.length; ++i) 
        int temp = sum-arr[i]; 

        // checking for condition 
        if (temp>=0 && s.contains(temp)) 
            System.out.println("Pair with given sum " + 
                                sum + " is (" + arr[i] + 
                                ", "+temp+")"); 

The part that is confusing me is the part where its checking condition. it does s.contains(temp) when nothing is put into the hashtable. So how can it contain sum - i?


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    There is a loop. From the second interation onwards, something will have been put into the hashset. – Thilo Jan 20 at 9:17

First of all, it's a HashSet, not a hash table.

Second of all, s.add(arr[i]) adds elements to the HashSet, therefore s.contains(temp) may return true.

For example, suppose you are looking for a pair having the sum 8.

  • If the first element of the array is 1, you don't find 8-1 in the Set, but you add 1 to the Set.
  • Then, if the second element of the array is 7, you find 8-7 in the Set (since you added 1 to the Set in the previous iteration).
  • Thank you, for some reason I thought A[i] was added inside the loop. – muayad925 Jan 20 at 9:27

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