I have question regarding Thread.sleep() in the use of multi-threading. If multi-threading allows concurrent execution then what is the purpose of Thread.sleep(). From what I know, Thread.sleep() suspends the current thread for a period of time and allow other threads to execute. However, if multi-threading allows multiple threads to run concurrently why would Thread.sleep() be used? I am asking this because I have seen a lot of example codes with the use of Thread.sleep() in multi-threading program.

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    Your understanding to Thread.sleep() in the question is wrong, read it again somewhere. – Eric Wang Jan 20 at 13:24
  • Thread.sleep() is mostly used for "sample code" or demonstration purposes, but sometimes you also need it in a "real application"...when a thread is "too fast"! :) ...or "wants to" get "interrupted", but therefor maybe really better approaches. – xerx593 Jan 20 at 13:25
  • Concurrently DOES NOT MEAN at the same time. IN PARALLEL means at the same time. So, just to make it blatantly clear CONCURRENCY ≠ PARALLELISM – P. Soutzikevich Jan 20 at 13:27
  • sleep is mostly used to avoid busy waiting, when you wait for some resource or event and definitely know that it won't happen during next x milliseconds. Though, there are better techniques – Alex Salauyou Jan 20 at 13:29
  • You can write two emails concurrently (you can start the second before sending the first); but you can't write them in parallel (typing the contents of both simultaneously). – Andy Turner Jan 20 at 15:29

If you just want to give other threads a chance to execute, there's nothing you have to do for it, it happens automatically.

You call Thread.sleep() if you want your thread to just do nothing for a given amount of time, maybe because you want some specific timing behaviour, maybe you want to wait some time before you check for some condition (e.g. new data arrived) the next time. [There are other possibilities to do that, e.g. the Timer class.]

A side-effect of Thread.sleep() is that one thread less competes for the CPU, so the other threads can get a bigger share of it.

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