I have this code:


However, Method2 returns an object that needs to be disposed. Here is how I can handle this:

using (var x = Method2())
    await Method1(x);

Method1 and Method2 belong to framework and it is not up to me to change them.

I have number of such cases. For example, Method2 creates HTTP request and Methid1 sends it.

Again, both methods belong to library that I cannot change.

I know if I do not dispose object, Garbage Collector will eventually do this. May be not soon. I am wandering, if may be in case when there is no any variable that references the object (as it will be after Method1 returns), I can count on Garbage Collector to dispose the object immediately, and thus it is ok to use the original short option.

  • It makes is hard to give advice with meaningless names like Method1 and Method2. With more meaningful names, it might be possible to give alternative options like to change Method1 to take a Func instead, and thus do the using inside of Method1. – mjwills Jan 20 at 23:59

Use the using statement, just like you have shown, yes it is the elegant way

using (var something = Method2())

Or if you will

using (var something = Method2())

Anything else would be unusual and confusing (ie disposing it in your method1)... As pointed out by the comments, unless this was some sort of Command/Query Service, or other Dependency that could be injected with a disposable scope

Also, calling wait on anything is suspicious these days

  • This is back to front, and how is it "more elegant" then OPs second block of code? – DavidG Jan 21 at 0:19
  • @DavidG whats back to front ;) – TheGeneral Jan 21 at 0:20
  • And now it's identical to the original code. How does this help? – DavidG Jan 21 at 0:20
  • @DavidG Its clarification, that there is no more elegant way and the only elegant way – TheGeneral Jan 21 at 0:21
  • "elegant" is purely opinion based though. Wouldn't DI be a "more elegant" method? – DavidG Jan 21 at 0:22

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