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Currently, Dynamic Link is used normally in the React-native app. However, the Dynamic Link is not redirected to the app-store when the user has not installed the app.

createShortDynamicLink(contentKey, title, subtitle, youTubeVideoId) {
  const dynamicLinkDomain = __DEV__
    ? 'test.page.link'
    : 'test.page.link';

  const link =
    new firebase.links.DynamicLink(`https://test.com/contents/${contentKey}`, dynamicLinkDomain)
      .social.setImageUrl(`https://img.youtube.com/vi/${youTubeVideoId}/hqdefault.jpg`) // make size over 200*200

  return firebase.links()
    .createShortDynamicLink(link, 'UNGUESSABLE');

https://firebase.google.com/docs/dynamic-links/use-cases/web-to-app https://rnfirebase.io/docs/v5.x.x/links/reference/SocialParameters I used this docs..

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You need to set fallback links. You can find more options about properties in official page.

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