I am using MD5 and SHA256 algorithms for calculating hash. I know the procedure to calculate hash. But I do not know what parameters(like content in a file, file size) are considered while hashing a file. I searched on google but I did not find answer. And how can I optimize the process of hashing a file with size greater than 10 GB?

  • No parameters are considered. It hashes the file (content) and thats it. – tkausl Jan 21 at 6:07

Hashing has no parameters, the algorithm takes and input and generates a fixed size output.

You can perform an incremental hash instead of loading the complete file getting chunks and adding each chunk to the calculation. For example (pseudocode)

SHA256.update(chunk 1)
SHA256.update(chunk 2)
SHA256.update(chunk n)
SHA256.digest ()

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