Hy all,

is there a way to have camel delete a file, that did not come from the file consumer. To be more exact: In my route I collect a list of files (not from the file component), which I then process. After that, I want to delete them all.

Of course I could just make a processor, that uses e.g. apache FileUtils, but I wonder, if there is a way to have camel handle it.

Using the split expression I could have each file processed seperatelly, so having a process, that just deletes a single file would be fine.

Greets Chris


Yeah you would need to write some code yourself that deletes the file(s) you want. You can then add that as an onCompletion or call a bean/processor at the end of your route. Or add a custom route policy and attach it to the route etc. There are more ways to do this.

  • Yeah, I created a processor now, that deletes the file: .process(exchange -> Files.delete(exchange.getIn().getBody(Path.class))) But this feels very "manual", as always when I write manual code in a route. But I guess its the correct way.. – Chris Jan 23 '19 at 8:30

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