I am preparing documentation in PDF format. I would like to reduce piracy of the documentation by embedding the name of the purchaser on each page of the document. What is the simplest way to do that? How difficult is it for the end user to remove? I'm not looking for airtight security; I just want something that is enough of a hassle to remove that reasonably honest people won't distribute the documkentation to unauthorized users. Thanks for your help.


A good free tool is PDF Watermark Creator: http://www.coolpdf.com/pdfwatermark.html

Any watermark can be removed from a pdf text file depending on how hard the perpetrator is willing to try. See this: http://labnol.blogspot.com/2006/12/how-to-remove-watermarks-from-pdf.html

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I just created an open source software to dynamically watermark PDF.

It could be used as an example about how to use PDFSharp.NET library.

I've built a supporting library to use PDFSharp.NET.

And there is also the GUI interface.

I've made it for the training center of the company i worked in. It can watermark PDFs based on a list of trainee in order to put their name (+ any additional information, central page logo, top-left logo, copyright note...).

Main features are:

Optional Top left logo Preset configurations Header Watermark containing documents info Custom Header Watermark based on list of trainees Copyright note under the header watemark Central Page logo Diagonal Text with custom alpha and dimension PDF Merge

Take a look here a video is also available to view what it can do.

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