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I am using Window Builder to make an app, this is for a home automation system. I'm trying to refresh the application with data from my sql server, which is working fine, though i'm currently using a button to do this.

I tried to implement a timer but it wouldn't let me click other buttons in the program.

Is there anyway of having code a method run after a set amount of time whilst being able to utilise other buttons in the GUI?

I can also show the attempted code and source code if needed (800 lines).

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  • The thing is: swing/awt/well, any UI toolkit is very sensitive which thread you are using to do what. In Swing, there is the event dispatcher thread that is responsible to dispatch (react) to all events, such button clicks, mouse move, whatever. When you sleep that thread, then your UI freezes. This is a common problem. If you think you have a different issue, then please provide a minimal reproducible example (that contains relevant code, not 800 lines!) and drop a comment. Beyond that: UI programming is not something that you can learn by trial and error. Rather read and follow a good book or tutorial. – GhostCat Jan 21 at 13:23

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