Delphi compiled Graphics32 library acts weird when invoked from C++ Builder XE8 code, suspected issue about RTTI information.

I built the Delphi library Graphics32 with C++ Builder XE8 IDE because of a IDE upgrade from BDS Studio. After struggling a bit with the defines, the package compiles and installs (Design + Runtime). It's worth to mention that i updated to the latest Graphics32 source code because of incompatibilities with older code and new IDE.

Hence compiling my (previously working code in BDS Studio) C++ code that makes use of the TBitmap32 Delphi class, at runtime i get an access violation error when the TBitmap32 constructor with TCustomBackendClass parameters is invoked. My code invoked the constructor with no parameters, which calls a Graphics32 function to get the correct TCustomBackendClass implementation to handle in memory bitmaps. This class represents a Delphi class but looks like it handles the program counter into unallocated memory when used by TBitmap32 implementation to allocate the back end. I tried to export the RTTI table in the Delphi compiler but obviously i'm wrong in something.

What can i do? This thing is driving me nuts. Thanks!

My code:

class TTagBitmap: public TBitmap32 {
    TTagBitmap( TColor32 col, TColor32 col2 );

TTagBitmap::TTagBitmap( TColor32 col, TColor32 col2 ) {
    double size = 32;
    double bord = 2 ;

It crashes here (generated hpp file):

/* TCustomBitmap32.Create */ inline __fastcall virtual TBitmap32(TCustomBackendClass Backend)/* overload */ : TCustomBitmap32(Backend) { }

Backend is valued but i cannot debug into it.

I'm expecting the TBitmap32 instance to be built, but instead i get an illegal access error.

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