I'm moving a really huge Websphere 9 application to Tomcat 9.

Everything in the app works fine, except one thing.

The app used a WorkManagerTaskExecutor through a wired bean:

public WorkManagerTaskExecutor taskExecutor() {
    WorkManagerTaskExecutor  pool = new WorkManagerTaskExecutor();
    return pool;

In Websphere there was probably some resource configured through the management console.

In Tomcat, I've created a Resource in server.xml:

<Resource name = "someName"
              auth = "Container"
              type = "commonj.work.WorkManager"
              factory = "de.myfoo.commonj.work.FooWorkManagerFactory"
              minThreads = "1"
              maxThreads = "25" />

and a link in context.xml:

<ResourceLink name="someName" global="someName" type="commonj.work.WorkManager" />

And the error:

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name [someName] is not bound in this Context.

Now, if I enable this line:


It works perfectly but I don't want to make any modifications in the code.

I've already tried renaming both .xml configs's variables to JNDI-style because JndiLocatorSupport documentation says:

If the name doesn't begin with "java:comp/env/", this prefix is added if "resourceRef" is set to "true".

But name="java:comp/env/someName" doesn't work either. Is this even possible to overcome? What the name should be?

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