I am using NgRedux store in angular component for accessing the store data like shown below :-

@select() currentQuiz$: Observable<IQuiz>;
currentQuiz: IQuiz;

 // ...

 ngOnInit() {
   this.currentQuiz$.subscribe(currentQuiz => this.currentQuiz = currentQuiz)

But while I am running basic test I am getting error Cannot read property 'subscribe' of undefined

`  it('should create', () => {

After interpretation i found that i am getting this error because currentQuiz$ property is not initialized at the time of the constructor call (By default value is null) so at the time of call of ngOnInit() , in this i am calling subscribe() on this property. which is not initialized yet so through error.

it run fine in production. but while running test cases I got this error.

Does anyone know how to resolve this.

  • Did you try wrapping unit test with async function ie. it('should create', async(() => { expect(component).toBeTruthy(); }));` – jakubm Jan 22 at 8:32

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