I am trying to do like this:

Usually we add a lazy module like this in routing.ts,

{ path: ‘taskCenter’, loadChildren: './taskCenter/taskCerter.module#TaskCenterModule' },

now,I want to loadChildren Dynamic from an package which is produced by rollup or ng-packagr !! Dynamic!

eg:after Aot build,when url is 'localhost:4200/#/taskCenter',it will dynamic load taskCenter.umd.js and it's child modules from assets folder

First,how can we package all lazy modules in library? Then,how to load this module dynamic?

// First, in Library ,how to package all code including TestChildrenModule
  imports: [
        path: '', pathMatch: 'full', component: ModuleaComponent
      { path: 'aa', loadChildren: './test-children/test-children.module#TestChildrenModule' }
  declarations: [ModuleaComponent],
  exports: [ModuleaComponent]
export class ModuleaModule { }

this link maybe can help:https://github.com/lmeijdam/angular-umd-dynamic-example

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Lazy loading should happen at an application and not a library level

From this disscussion: article link

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