i want to create relationship between users table and product table but the result returns false this is user model :

class Users extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Model
public $id;
public $name;
public $password;
 public $email;

 public function initialize()


and this is my product model :

class Products extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Model
    public $id;
    public $user_id;
    public $name;

    public function initialize()


and this query :

public function showAction($id)
    $get_product = Products::findFirst('id = ' . $id);
    if (!empty($get_product)) {
        $this->response->setJsonContent(array('data' => $get_product->users));
return $this->response; 

this result returns :

Any help please


This is what happens when no relationship is found.

I'm going to assume your users have many products and those products belong to the users. What your code on the Products model is saying is the products_id field on the Products model relates to the id field on the User model.

The problem is that there is no product_id field on the Products model.

    'user_id' // "id" field on the Products model
    'Users', // The model I want
    'id'// The field I want on that model (Users.id)

What you're doing doesn't really make a lot of sense. Besides explaining how the relationships work, I can't really help you any further without seeing the schema.

  • products model has 3 columns ( id , name , user_id ) the ( user_id ) column is a foreign key for Users model .. and Users model has 4 columns ( id , name , password , email ) only – Ahmad Abo Zaid Jan 22 at 14:00
  • Then you'll want your belongsTo relationship to look like the code example in my answer. – Cameron Hall Jan 22 at 22:10
  • yes it worked .. thank you – Ahmad Abo Zaid Jan 23 at 6:52

The problem is that you are trying to retrive the property users of a product: $get_product->users But products have no users (only id, user_id and name);

First you have to retrive the user_id:

$product = Products::FindFirstById($id);
$user = Users::FindFirstById($product->user_id);

You can also do that in one step but it's clearer this way.

  • i want to access columns in users table by ( user_id ) foreign key .. and the relationship name is users – Ahmad Abo Zaid Jan 22 at 14:25
  • The variable $user contains the User object that is related with the product you want to show. – Andres Paul Jan 22 at 14:35

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