I'm using the Debezium connector version 0.8 to capture the changes from a MySQL database and move it to Kafka. I'm using Docker with a container for MySQL, another one for the connector, and another one for Kafka.

When I stop Docker (docker-compose down) and I start Docker one more time, I usually get the following error:

org.apache.kafka.connect.errors.ConnectException: The db history topic is missing. You may attempt to recover it by reconfiguring the connector to SCHEMA_ONLY_RECOVERY

I have read the solution for this issue on the official page here:


But I followed those steps and I think my configuration is ok:

log.retention.bytes = -1
log.retention.hours = 168       
log.retention.minutes = null
log.retention.ms = -1

Note that if I set log.retention.ms to -1 then log.retention.minutes and log.retention.hours won't be used like the official documentation explains, and then I have solved the retention size and retention time problems.

So, does anybody know why I'm getting this error?

This is a part of university work. I think I cannot share the complete docker-compose file before I publish it at my university, but I can show you the important things related to this problem. I don't think this is a configuration problem because I have nothing special in my docker-compose.

    image: mysql/5.7:configured (Little changes like enabling queries...)
     - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=debezium
     - MYSQL_USER=mysqluser
     - MYSQL_PASSWORD=mysqlpw
     - "sql_Data:/var/lib/mysql"
     - "sql_LogError:/var/log/mysql"

    image: debezium/kafka:0.8
     - zookeeper
     - HOST_NAME=xxxx
     - ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT=zookeeper:2181
     - KAFKA_CREATE_TOPICS="events:1:1"
          - "kafka_Data:/kafka/data" 
          - "kafka_Log:/kafka/logs"
          - "kafka_Conf:/kafka/config"

    image: debezium/connect:0.8
     - zookeeper
     - kafka
     - mysql
     - HOST_NAME=xxxx
     - BOOTSTRAP_SERVERS=xxxx:9092
     - GROUP_ID=1
     - CONFIG_STORAGE_TOPIC=my_connect_configs
     - OFFSET_STORAGE_TOPIC=my_connect_offsets
     - STATUS_STORAGE_TOPIC=my_connect_statuses

And the other parts are only networks or not relevant things.

  • What version of Debezium are you using? Jan 22, 2019 at 13:11
  • Can you share your Docker Compose file too? Jan 22, 2019 at 13:12
  • I've edited the initial post to add the docker-compose part. I hope it's enough info Jan 22, 2019 at 13:56
  • Could you please check if a topic with schema history created? If yes, are there data? Could you use kafka-topics tool to get metadat information about the topic? Jan 28, 2019 at 6:13
  • The dbhistory exists and it has data inside (I monitor it with kafka tool). I see if I use docker-compose stop instead of docker-compose down it works ok. It could be maybe a volumes problem but I dont find the problem. I've tried to use the kafka volumes as external but the problem persists. Its possible I need to set more environment variables? I have checked the official documentation about how to create the volumes for this kafka image and I think I have done the correct volumes configuration. link Jan 28, 2019 at 8:09

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I faced a similar problem. Your database.server.id and database.server.name in mysql.properties config file need to be unique.

  • The problem was an errata in the documentation of the debezium/zookeeper image (I dont know if actually fixed). Read my answer below, maybe it can help you Dec 28, 2019 at 13:07
  • 1
    Changing the database.server.name helped me fix the issue! Jan 26 at 20:51
  • I solved too changing the name of database.server.name but this cannot be a valid solution! It's like Debezium/Strimzi/Kafka holds memory of the history topic and, no matter how deep I clean old objects, it refuses to start clean and fires the reported error.
    – think01
    Mar 31 at 15:22

Finally, after struggling with this problem during a lot of days I found the cause of the problem and the solution.

There is an errata in the documentation of the debezium/zookeeper image. As you can see in this link:

link to debezium/zookeeper image in dockerHub

The documentation establishes 3 volumes to save all the data zookeeper needs. The paths to these volumes are:

  1. /zookeeper/data
  2. /zookeeper/logs
  3. /zookeeper/conf

The problem here is the second one is wrong. According to its Dockerfile, the path to the second one, which is used to save the transaction log, must be:


Here is a snippet of its Dockerfile.

# Expose the ports and set up volumes for the data, transaction log, and configuration
EXPOSE 2181 2888 3888
VOLUME ["/zookeeper/data","/zookeeper/txns","/zookeeper/conf"]

Never let the history topic expire or delete the history topic. This is what causes the issue.

To avoid expiry of the topic, run the following, per the Kafka documentation here: https://debezium.io/blog/2018/03/16/note-on-database-history-topic-configuration/

<KAFKA_DIR>/bin/kafka-configs.sh --zookeeper zookeeper:2181 --entity-type topics --entity-name <DB_HISTORY_TOPIC> --alter --add-config retention.bytes=-1

To recover from this issue in a development environment, just delete your original connector and recreate a new connector with a different name.

  • After I wrote the question I found the solution, it was an errata in the documentation and it was reported issues.jboss.org/browse/DBZ-1231 and I think solved. You can read my answer above to know more about it, but as I say, its still solved. Apr 19, 2021 at 8:13

By changing the name in connector properties file i am passing fixed the error for me. Apparently even though, we delete the topics and all the name has to be unique whenever you restart the connection.

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