I have member role accordingly Apple Developer Program Team Roles described here: https://developer.apple.com/support/roles/ And Developer role as App Storer connect user for the same team. Every time I try to Distribute the app by uploading to the AppStore I have an error message that says "Role is Member, but at least Admin is required" For other accounts, I have Admin rights and don't have such problems and it is unclear is it really possible to upload builds for Developer + Member role combination.
error message

I found that in some cases the reason for the error is missed certificate, but for this account, certificates are on the place: Certificates

The same error happens if I try to add the project to the Xcode server for CI. What seems correct, because in all the documents Admin role is asked for this action. Xcode error

  • Is the Apple ID part of the appstoreconnect.apple.com team as well? – Max Feb 5 at 19:08
  • Yes. Role in the app store connect is - Developer – Aivar Feb 11 at 12:24

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