I have a string test_demo_0.1.1.

I want in PowerShell script to add before the 0.1.1 some text, for example: test_demo_shay_0.1.1.

I succeeded to detect the first number with RegEx and add the text:

$str = "test_demo_0.1.1"
if ($str - match "(?<number>\d)")
    $newStr = $str.Insert($str.IndexOf($Matches.number) - 1, "_shay")-
# $newStr = test_demo_shay_0.1.1

The problem is, sometimes my string includes a number in another location, for example: test_demo2_0.1.1 (and then the insert is not good).

So I want to detect the first number which the character before is _, how can I do it?

I tried "(_<number>\d)" and "([_]<number>\d)" but it doesn't work.


What you ask for is called a positive lookbehind (a construct that checks for the presence of some pattern immediately to the left of thew current location):


However, it seems all you want is to insert _shay before the first digit preceded with _. A replace operation will suit here best:

$str -replace '_(\d.*)', '_shay_$1'

Result: test_demo_shay_0.1.1.


  • _ - an underscore
  • (\d.*) - Capturing group #1: a digit and then any 0+ chars to the end of the line.

The $1 in the replacement pattern is the contents matched by the capturing group #1.

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