Below code is giving me expected result "1524587" but right side could be -0, -1 etc , so how to grab left side string before - ? my 2nd option is not returning the left string


const str = "1524587-0";
// 1st option 
const rxNumber = element.str .replace('-0', '');

// 2nd Option 
const  splitstring = str.split('-')

You can split using using the character - and then getting the first array value of the result :

var str = "1524587-0".split('-');

Using the same logic you'd use words[1] to get the right side of the string :

var str = "1524587-0".split('-');

In short, this function splits a String object into an array of strings by separating the string into substrings, using a specified separator string to determine where to make each split.


You can use a regex as well


or split


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