I've set the <dist:module dist:instant="true" /> in the manifest and now I'd like to build an instant app directly to the emulator, but it seems the checkbox is disabled. Any ideas to why?

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Download the latest version of this SDK from the SDK Tools tab within the Android SDK Manager. And after do File/Invalidate Caches and Restart. That helped me.

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    As usual, Google's instructions leave out critical steps.
    – John Perry
    Commented Mar 26, 2019 at 19:28

In my case with Android Studio 3.3.1, i had to create a new configuration and that had the checkbox enabled. The default configuration has it disabled.


I managed to fix this by updating the Android Gradle Plugin to 3.3.0+ (specifically, 3.3.2). I was on Android Studio 3.3 but had not yet updated the Gradle plugin.

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