Problem: In Paraview 5.6.0, for an arbitrary geometry, the view directions can be set for the side, front, top views (shown below) by one-click.

However, the display of either an orthographic view or a perspective view (or any standard projected views) is not short-cut (e.g. bottom-left subfigure), unlike other software, e.g. ANSYS.

enter image description here


The side, front, top view directions can be set simply by clicking a Set view direction to button below if View->Toolbars->Camera Controls is on.

enter image description here

I explored Adjust Camera button, which gives the complete control on projection views. Nevertheless, it is difficult to adjust for a novice.

enter image description here

Is there any shortcut in Paraview to obtain a standard orthographic or perspective view?

PS: Google-search was fruitless to me as well. I also might completely miss the correct terminology for views.


There is no shortcut but adding one should not be a lot of work. Feel free to open an issue in our gitlab

However, if you've configured it once manually, you can save the viewpoint in the Adjust Camera dialog or using the viewpoints toolbar.

Also you will want to enable Camera Parallel Projection.

  • Thanks; but what is the reason that I may want to enable Camera Parallel Projection? – Herpes Free Engineer Jan 23 at 14:54
  • 1
    Side, Front, and Top view require it to have a true orthographic projection. – Mathieu Westphal Jan 23 at 17:01

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