Is there any way to remove/hide any HUD/control element from the Youtube Iframe?

I've tried so many things like almost every combination of playerVars/query options and I've also tried to edit the Iframe document even if I already knew it wouldn't work.

I've searched for a solution in these two StackOverflow questions but nothing worked:

It seems like Youtube has removed this possibility.

My goal is to have a Youtube video as background for a webpage.

So is there any workaround or alternative so I can use a Youtube video as my webpage background?


I made an example for you, using the youtube API, with the maximum discretion options I know.


Here is the secret to control the youtube player.

playerVars: {
  'autoplay': 1,
  'controls': 0,
  'disablekb': 1,
  'fs': 0,
  'loop': 1,
  'modestbranding': 1,
  'rel': 0,
  'showinfo': 0,
  'mute': 1,
  'autohide': 1
  • That's exactly the result I actually have... I should have included it in my question. Though, in my opinion it's a little weird to have a Youtube with HUD/controls slowly fading out as a webpage background – DrunkenPoney Jan 23 at 5:37
  • You have 2 alternatives: - Show the video after the controls disappear - Serve the video in its own environment – Rafael Lopes Jan 23 at 5:40
  • If I can't find any solution I will probably add an effect on page load like a zoom out effect so the controls in the corners have enough time to disappear before they fit within the window/container borders or something like that – DrunkenPoney Jan 23 at 5:42

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