I thought I understand Unicode scalars in Swift pretty well, but the dog face emoji proved me wrong.

for code in "🐶".utf16 {

The UTF-16 codes are 55357 and 56374. In hex, that's d83d and dc36.


let dog = "\u{d83d}\u{dc36}"

Instead of getting a string with "🐶", I'm getting an error:

Invalid unicode scalar

I tried with UTF-8 codes and it didn't work neither. Not throwing an error, but returning "ð¶" instead of the dog face.

What is wrong here?


The \u{nnnn} escape sequence expects a Unicode scalar value, not the UTF-16 representation (with high and low surrogates):

for code in "🐶".unicodeScalars {
    print(String(code.value, radix: 16))
// 1f436

let dog = "\u{1F436}"
print(dog) // 🐶

Solutions to reconstruct a string from its UTF-16 representation can be found at Is there a way to create a String from utf16 array in swift?. For example:

let utf16: [UInt16] = [ 0xd83d, 0xdc36 ]
let dog = String(utf16CodeUnits: utf16, count: utf16.count)
print(dog) // 🐶
  • Hi again Martin. I think I misunderstood it, because it works for some characters, like country flags. But it looks like these are special cases of characters matching together, is it right? – Robo Robok Jan 23 at 10:04
  • @RoboRobok: Flags are “extended grapheme clusters” – a sequence of Unicode scalar values which are considered as a single Character in Swift. – Martin R Jan 23 at 10:06
  • Exactly. So now I know it’s a different animal, if you pardon the pun 🐶 – Robo Robok Jan 23 at 10:08
  • @RoboRobok: What you did would not work with country flags either. The UTF-16 representation of "🇵🇱" is (hex) d83c ddf5 d83c ddf1, but "\u{d83c}\u{ddf5}\u{d83c}\u{ddf1}" does not compile. It has to be "\u{1f1f5}\u{1f1f1}". – Of course there are ways to reconstruct a string from a UTF-16 sequence, compare stackoverflow.com/questions/24542170/…. – Martin R Jan 23 at 10:14

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