I have an legacy project that doesn't uses namespaces. When I add testthat package it seams that it shadows some functions from magrittr package, especially magrittr::equals. I use roxygen to import packages, and import in comments only magrittr function:

#' @import magrittr

But equals still point to testthat

  • You can make it more explicit and use magrittr::equals() instead. Also: Do you import or suggest testthat in the DESCRIPTION? The preferred way of doing it would be to list it under Suggests: – JBGruber Jan 23 at 12:02
  • Another point, you could think about using # @importFrom magrittr equals, which does not solve your problem at hand but might be better if you do not expect to use all functions from magrittr – JBGruber Jan 23 at 12:04

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