I've successfully added a Sign in with Facebook feature to my Rails 5 app with Devise and Omniauth.

Instead of my static button, I'd like to implement Facebook's embed "Continue as {name}" login button. In their documentation they'll produce the following code for you to implement:

<div class="fb-login-button" data-size="large" data-button-type="continue_with" data-auto-logout-link="false" data-use-continue-as="true"></div>

First button is Facebook's own and second one is mine

Just implementing it like that obviously doesn't work. I'd really like to be able to handle it in a way where I can specify it to direct to my user_facebook_omniauth_authorize_path. How do I do that?

I've implemented Facebook SDK on the website.

Thank you in advance. Your help is much appreciated! :-)


Omniauth uses the server-side login flow, whereas this button is part of the client-side login flow.

Only by being embedded on the client side can it determine whether there is a logged-in Facebook user in the first place - on the server side, that info isn’t available.

The server- and the client-side auth flow have quite significant differences, so I doubt you would be able to implement this, without rewriting how login is handled almost completely.

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