I have a regex like


I am testing it against the following lines:

frosted flakes
frosty snowman
frost, jack

See this Regex.101 demo.

I only want the third expression to match, but all three are matching.


  • It is a good practice to paste text rather than snapshots. if you only want the third line to match you could use the comma in the regex to match better. – ParvBanks Jan 23 at 18:50

You should move the second .* into the lookahead, e.g.




See the regex demo

In the original regex, the lookahead is located after a .* and whenever the lookahead returns false, the regex engine can backtrack and still match the string in another way, a location that is not immediately followed with snowman or flakes. When you put .* into the lookahead these two words do not have to appear immediately to the right of the current location.

  • Perfect, thanks! – T.Hannah Jan 23 at 19:51
  • @T.Hannah Glad it worked for you. Please also consider upvoting the answer if it proved helpful. – Wiktor Stribiżew Jan 23 at 20:03

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