I am using SQL Server and joining about 10 tables together using either inner join or left outer join.

I have a column in my select vp_timesheetpunch.TIMEINSECONDS (Time in seconds) that is in seconds and I want to add another column after saying how many hours that is. So that it list both seconds and hours.

    vp_timesheetpunch.personnum [Assoc ID],
    vp_timesheetpunch.personfullname [Assoc Name],
    vp_timesheetpunch.laborlevelname4 [Department],
    vp_timesheetpunch.eventdate [Shift Date],
    shiftassignmnt.shiftstartdate [Scheduled Start],
    vp_timesheetpunch.startdtm [Rounded Start],
    vp_timesheetpunch.inpunchdtm [Actual Start],
    vp_timesheetpunch.enddtm [Rounded End],
    vp_timesheetpunch.outpunchdtm [Actual End],
    vp_timesheetpunch.TIMEINSECONDS [Time in seconds]
left outer join
    vp_punchexceptions on vp_timesheetpunch.timesheetitemid = vp_punchexceptions.timesheetitemid
inner join
    timesheetitem on vp_timesheetpunch.timesheetitemid = timesheetitem.timesheetitemid
inner join
    workedshift on timesheetitem.workedshiftid = workedshift.workedshiftid
inner join
    shfasgnwshfmm on workedshift.workedshiftid = shfasgnwshfmm.workedshiftid
inner join
    shiftassignmnt on shfasgnwshfmm.shiftassignid = shiftassignmnt.shiftassignid
    --limit rows to the specified pay period
    vp_timesheetpunch.eventdate = '1/22/2019'
    --exclude rows that are missing data
    and vp_timesheetpunch.inpunchdtm is not null
    and vp_timesheetpunch.outpunchdtm is not null
    --limit rows to shifts with exceptions
order by

Is this possible to do on the fly?

I tried adding convert and naming AS Timeinhours but I cannot get the convert to work right.

Data lists time in seconds like "27900"


You need to divide by 3600 but you need to be careful to avoid integer division. Just add .0 to your divisor.

declare @Seconds int = 27900

select [hours] =  convert(decimal(7,2), @Seconds / 3600.0)
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    And this also perfectly demonstrates creating a Minimal example which demonstrates the problem and avoids having to understand a large complex query when its not relevant. – Dale K Jan 23 '19 at 19:41
  • Use your column names instead of a variable. – Sean Lange Jan 23 '19 at 19:57
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    Of course it is....you didn't read my post carefully enough. You MUST include .0 to force your literal to be a decimal. Otherwise you are dividing by an integer. – Sean Lange Jan 23 '19 at 19:59

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