I'm working on an Angular6 app, and fetching data from firebase's realtime database.

To get user's profile I use user's UID (which I get from an Observable) as a parameter to an angular service which returns an AngularFireObject<{}>

The problem is that I tried to mergeMap, switchMap but I'm not getting the profile information. (without subscribing inside the subscription)

I'm using AngularFire2 to retrieve the data from the RealTime Database RXJS 6 Angular 7.1.2

  1. this.userService.user = angularFireAuth.authState
  2. Using "map" in userProfile$ returns: Observable
  3. Using "mergeMap" in userProfile$ returns: null
  4. Using "switchMap" in userProfile$ returns: null
  5. "valueChanges()" returns: Observable<{}>
this.user = this.userService.user.pipe(
      tap(data => {
          user: data
    this.userProfile$ = this.user.pipe(
      map((data: firebase.User) => this.userService.getUserProfileById(data.uid).valueChanges()),
      tap(data => {
          userProfile: data

I expect to get an object with the data from the realtime database (which is the result of subscribing to "valueChanges()").

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