I have two classes: Activity and Action. Activity is the parent class, Action are the child, this is a one to many relationship. In setting up a NSFetchedResultsController I would like to set a predicate based the properties of the child class. Here's an example...

fetchRequest.predicate = NSPredicate(format: "filter only activities that have actions which have their date property equalling today")

If I were to filter the activities using a for in loop, this is what it would look like...

for activity in activities
    if activity.actions != nil
        for action in activity.actions
            if action.date == today
                // add activity to filtered array

You can use a SUBQUERY in your NSPredicate. Here I used an NSArray as a demonstration.

let today = Date()

let array: NSArray = [
    Activity(actions: [
        Action(date: today)
    Activity(actions: [
        Action(date: Date(timeIntervalSince1970: 0))

// here is your predicate
let result = array.filtered(using: NSPredicate(format: "SUBQUERY(actions, $action, $action.date == %@) .@count > 0", today as CVarArg))
print(result.count) // 1

Note that I used == here to compare the dates, which means it will only match if the date is exactly equal to today. If by "today" you meant "any time in the 24 hours", then you would have to use the answer suggested in this question:

func getLastAndNextMidnight(date: Date) -> (Date, Date) {
    let dateComponents = Calendar.current.dateComponents([.year, .month, .day], from: date)
    var oneDay = DateComponents()
    oneDay.day = 1
    let lastMidnight = Calendar.current.date(from: dateComponents)!
    let nextMidnight = Calendar.current.date(byAdding: oneDay, to: lastMidnight)!
    return (lastMidnight, nextMidnight)
let midnights = getLastAndNextMidnight(date: today)
let result = array.filtered(using: NSPredicate(format: "SUBQUERY(actions, $action, ($action.date >= %@) AND ($action.date <= %@)) .@count > 0", midnights.0 as CVarArg, midnights.1 as CVarArg))
  • The SUBQUERY did the trick, thanks 🙌 – Jared Jan 24 at 18:46

Any action today?. Predicate format:

"ANY actions.date == today"
  • I believe this would work for the example above. However, if I needed to verify more than one property I would have to use a subquery. That solution seems to be more flexible. – Jared Jan 24 at 18:48

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