I have a search result like whcih is given below :

"root": {
    "id": "toplevel",
    "relevance": 1,
    "fields": {
        "totalCount": 20
    "coverage": {
        "coverage": 100,
        "documents": 20,
        "full": true,
        "nodes": 1,
        "results": 1,
        "resultsFull": 1
    "children": [{
            "id": "group:string:Jones",
            "relevance": 9870,
            "value": "Jones",
            "fields": {
                "sum(price)": 39816
            "id": "group:string:Brown",
            "relevance": 8000,
            "value": "Brown",
            "fields": {
                "sum(price)": 20537


I do not want fields and coverage in my search results. How can I achieve this?. And also I want to change status according to error with error message. How can I do this? Please help.


Response payload: You can create your own renderer to control the returned format: https://docs.vespa.ai/documentation/result-rendering.html

HTTP status code: The rules for determining the status code to return are:

  • If the Result contains no errors (Result.hits().getError()==null): 200 OK is returned.

  • If the Result contains errors and no regular hits: If the error code of any ErrorMessage in the Result (Result.hits().getErrorHit().errorIterator()) is a "WEB SERVICE ERROR CODE", the first of those is returned. Otherwise, if it is a "HTTP COMPATIBLE ERROR CODE", the mapping of it is returned. Otherwise 500 INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR is returned.

  • If the Result contains errors and also contains valid hits: The same as above, but 200 OK is returned by default instead of 500.


200, 301, 302, 307, 400, 401, 403, 404, 405, 406, 408, 428, 429, 431, 500, 501, 502, 511


com.yahoo.container.protect.Error.BAD_REQUEST -> Http code 400
com.yahoo.container.protect.Error.UNAUTHORIZED -> Http code 401
com.yahoo.container.protect.Error.FORBIDDEN -> Http code 403
com.yahoo.container.protect.Error.NOT_FOUND -> Http code 404
com.yahoo.container.protect.Error.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR -> Http code 500
com.yahoo.container.protect.Error.INSUFFICIENT_STORAGE -> Http code 507

With this information, you can write a Searcher component (https://docs.vespa.ai/documentation/searcher-development.html) which sets an ErrorMessage in the Result corresponding to the HTTP status you want.

For a real world example see e.g the rate limiting Searcher bundled in Vespa: https://github.com/vespa-engine/vespa/blob/master/container-search/src/main/java/com/yahoo/search/searchers/RateLimitingSearcher.java#L133


To customize results you can use a result renderer. Please take a look at https://docs.vespa.ai/documentation/result-rendering.html which should be complete with examples.

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