I have a simple form based authentication where roles are defined. Some roles are defined like below in web.config.

<location path="/Employees">
    <allow roles="ClientAdmin,Administrator,Employee"/>
    <deny users="*"/>

When a regular user tries to access a page inside Employees folder, he is redirected to the login page. However, our login page is designed that if the user is already logged in, he is redirected back to the requested page. So when a non-employee or admin or client admin tries to access a page inside employees folder, he is redirected to /login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%Employee%2fdefault.aspx page and login page redirects back to Employees/default.aspx page and then this employees page redirect again to login page (as the current user doesn't have sufficient role) and this cause an infinite loop and page eventually dies with too many redirects.

My question here is, if the user doesn't have sufficient roles available, I would like to redirect him to a specific page saying that he doesn't have permissions to access this page and from there, he can logout to re-login with other credentials or navigate somewhere else.

Is that something possible with form authentication?

Thank you

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