record in column named as athjc contains this json data

    "1": [
    "20": [
    "name": "atharva"

I want to find out a record which contains key="20" and value= "s1" how to achieve this using JSON functions available in MySQL

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If you have JSON_EXTRACT function in your mysql then you may use following query.


Otherwise you may use SUBSTR function to achieve this. If you are novice in database or still confusion how to do this. You may visit this. They'll make a function for you to achieve your desired output.


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    Here is another solution. SELECT user_name, LOWER(TRIM(BOTH 0x22 FROM TRIM(BOTH 0x20 FROM SUBSTRING(SUBSTRING(user_name,LOCATE('\"20\"',user_name)+LENGTH('\"20\"'),LOCATE(0x2C,SUBSTRING(user_name,LOCATE('\"20\"',user_name)+LENGTH('\"20\"')+1,LENGTH(user_name)))),LOCATE(0x22,SUBSTRING(user_name,LOCATE('\"20\"',user_name)+LENGTH('\"20\"'),LOCATE(0x2C,SUBSTRING(user_name,LOCATE('\"20\"',user_name)+LENGTH('\"20\"')+1,LENGTH(user_name))))),LENGTH(user_name))))) FROM tbl_users – Delickate Jan 24 '19 at 9:38

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