My environment is IBM Cloud Private (ICP). I am try to deploy the helm chart for wordpress, using this command: helm install --namespace wordpress01 --name wordpress --set "persistence.size=1Gi,ingress.enabled=True,service.type=NodePort" stable/wordpress --tls

However, the mariadb is failing its status is CrashLoopBackOff. The container log shows:

INFO  ==> ** Starting MariaDB setup **
INFO  ==> Validating settings in MYSQL_*/MARIADB_* env vars..
INFO  ==> Initializing mariadb database...
mkdir: cannot create directory '/bitnami/mariadb/data': Permission denied
INFO  ==> Stopping mariadb...

Does anyone know of a solution?

  • Are you logged in as "root"? What does ls -ld /bitnami/ say? – Rick James Jan 27 at 15:40

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