I am using angular-formly in the angular 4 projects. The scenario of the work is I have the list of the users and each user has got edit and delete button.

When a user clicks on the edit button a modal is shown up with 2 fields, one is an email address and another one to change the role of the user.

I am using <formly-form> to render the form onto the modal like this.

enter image description here

When edit button is clicked this modal gets opened, where I wanted to show the email address which is associated with the edit button which is clicked.

Also, I want to keep the role selected in the dropdown for that user.

Here is the formlyfieldconfig

        key: 'email',
        className: 'col-sm-4',
        type: 'input',
        defaultValue: '',
        templateOptions: {
            type: 'text',
            label: 'Email',
            disabled: true,
            placeholder: ''
        key: 'role',
        className: 'col-sm-4',
        type: 'select',
        defaultValue: '',
        templateOptions: {
            label: 'Select Role',
            options: [],
            required: true

As you can see, above for email field I have kept defaultValue as null, whereas for role field I have kept defaultValue and options as null.

When a user clicks on the edit button, I am dynamically setting the defaultValue and options property which should reflect in the modal popup form.

private edituser(account):void {        
        let userData = updateuserdata;

            .subscribe(picklist => {
                if(picklist && picklist['options'].length) {

                    _.find(userData,{'key': 'email'})
                        .defaultValue = account.email;

                    _.find(userData,{'key': 'role'})
                        .defaultValue = account.role;

                        _.find(userData,{'key': 'role'})
                        .templateOptions.options = [...picklist['options']];


        this.updateuserdata = userData;                      

this._PicklistApi is a service object which will give me the list of all roles available.

updateuserdata will have the actual form field config which is passed to the <formly-form> component in HTML.

account parameter is user object having user data including email and role.

when a user clicks on the edit button edituser() gets called, and it sets the select options properly with the available roles.

But, it is not setting up defaultValue for both the email and role fields.

I am not able to understand this behavior as select options are getting set properly whereas it is not setting up the defaultValue for both the fields.

If I do console log then I do see that defaultValue is set for the both of the fields then why it isn't reflecting in the form.

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    formly take account of defaultValue only on initialization, so what you're looking for is _.find(userData,{'key': 'email'}).formControl.setValue(account.email) – a.aitboudad Jan 27 '19 at 23:36
  • You saved my life man, thanks for this answer it worked for me. By the way is this documented anywhere? – Vishal Shetty Jan 28 '19 at 5:05

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